Our Fresh Market Agent system, that is fully integrated with our Fresh Insights business intelligence solution and Fresh Accounting system, provides everything you need to effectively run your primary wholesaling business.

Our Fresh Market Agent system includes these useful features:



  • Merchant Basis, Outright Purchase, Commission and Average Pricing
  • Grower Remittances and Estimates
  • Horticultural Code Compliant
  • Quality Assurance
  • Levies and Charges
  • Stock EDI

Market Wholesalers

  • Real-time Stock Management
  • Sales via Fresh Sales Floor using a Touch Device
  • Stock Margin Control
  • Pack Outs
  • Multi-location Support
  • Pallet and Crate Tracking
  • Chain Store Specific Invoices, Labels, Barcodes and Purchase Orders
  • Chain Store Order and Invoice EDI
  • Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Sales Analysis


  • Customer Specific Quotes and Order Forms
  • Credit Service EDI
  • PMA Statistics EDI

and much much more …